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    eel grass and more eel grass!

    Damn, if any of you remember I ran into tons of eel grass over the 4th of July,
    I didn`t overheat on the last time out which was Saturday. Unfreakin believable

    I`ve been flushing for about 2 hours, ...And it`s still not all out

    I`m stickin to the River that I ride in!...PR...
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    Hurry up and get that strainer mod done

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    Moderator two2curupt's Avatar
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    Toronto, Canada
    Andy wtf is eel grass???

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    EZ Dock of Long Island Shibby1485's Avatar
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    Long Island, NY
    sea weed

    stringy vegetation

    we got CHITLOADS of it here.... want some?

    if u still dont know what it is, i'll mail some to you, LOL

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    It can be brutal! Buzzing along no problems and then all the sudden You almost can't help but go through it. Sometimes there's almost nowhere to go, big piles of the crap

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    Dover, DE... Again :(
    Ummm.. soooo.. should i check my stuff? the WHOLE RIVER was seaweed on sunday. Had no choice. I stopped 3 times, jumped off and peeled that crap out of the impeller. Not easy to do when you cant see wtf your doing.

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    yea i hate that eel grass. i rode today and it was all over the place, couldn't avoid it if u tried too.

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    How does the eel grass get through the plastic strainer (little holes)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinchyle
    How does the eel grass get through the plastic strainer (little holes)
    That`s what I want to know???

    after the prop turns it into coleslaw, it just pushes right past the stock strainer. What a mess...PR...

    Just say no to Barnegat Inlet and Manahawkin Bay, they suck...PR...
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    Glad all my memories of the "islands" of eel grass floating across the Great South Bay in LI are just that...memories. The water hyasyniths (terrible spelling) we have here in FL are easier to avoid. You can pretend they are bouys on the course and drive around them....usually !


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