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    stainless steel wear ring

    Need info. on how to take out stainless steel wear ring out of pump (going back w/ a stock wear ring)

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    doood, that is a major PITA... I`ve personally tried freezing, heating, this that, could not get it to budge. mine was proffesionaly installed by skat, so who knows what exact tolerance they pressed it in for...

    if you absolutely have to remove it, get yourself a cut off tool or die grinder and score the wear ring almost thru in 2 places 180 degrees, get a small flat screw driver or suitable tool and get in behind the cut and try to collapse the ring, while doing that, you could also get a drift or long punch and tap from one side to push out. cutting the wear ring will relieve some of the pressure and help in removing...

    if someone has a better solution, then post away, I haven`t heard to many people succesfully getting them out...

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    Or just swap someone for there stock pump. Tons of guys would swap for yours... Just to get the SS ring... So don't mess her up!!!


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    I took one out via the freezer method..I deep froze the whole pump for 3 days..Took it out and used a hand held torch,heated up the pump only were the wear ring is located..Used a long punch through the opposite side..It was a Pain in the arse but it came out with minor blemishes.It took me about a half hour to do..

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    Give this a try, I managed to find one of my posts from 2005 explaining how to do it.... I've actually done it a couple of times this way....


    I figured it out!! Bruce did recommend that I grab each side with a pair of vice grips. He also mentioned it will scratch the crap out of it most likely. Me being a bit of a perfectionist could not bring myself to gouge the crap out of piece of work like this, so, here is what I did:

    1. Got out the Black and Decker work bench and removed the center board
    2. Place the pump upwards while resting the hole supports on top of the each of the two outside boards. Now the S/S wear ring was facing the ground
    3. Used the two knobs to bring the two pieces of wood from the bench forming a vice on top of the pumb itself, not on the ring.
    4. Took a rubber mallet and began tapping each of the holes of the pump bracing the wear ring on the bottom with my hand. Sort of the same sequence as torqing.
    I could then immediately feel the wear ring coming out of the pump. 3 minutes later, the ring is out. No gouges, no scratches, no imperfections to the ring.
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    there ya go! all good suggestions!

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    Trade with someone. If I may ask, why are you going back to the craplastic?

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    I think it's eating up my Impellor. Unless I have some issues somewhere else. I've already had my Impellor reworked(when I got it repitched) and now it's blowing out really bad out of the hole

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    I have removed 2 now and just used 2 vice grips to grab the ring lightly warmed the pump and the slid out there not that tight to unstall.
    I'm not a fan of the ss ring as they are very hard on the prop o/d and the plastic is only crap if you suck up crap!

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