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    Xspower Conclusion?

    Has anyone come to a conclusion on whether or not the Xspower Intercooler is a reliable piece of equipment that works? I saw the beginning of some testing on it a while back but no real numbers comparisons with the other intercoolers. And also where are you guys finding these Xspower Intercoolers?

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    I've been running for about 25-30 hours no problems. I gained about 2.5mph (still tweaking) and went from a 13.17.5 to a 14/19 prop. I tried the 14/19 with the stock IC and I was at 7700-7800. Now I'm at 8150. I'm almost at 70.

    I put 400 in for the IC and plumbing. Riva IC and plumbing is about 1400.
    Would I do it again....
    Hell ya!!

    You get them on ebay. Should be about 180, buy it now.

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    Thanks for the link is the the one you use also where'd you pick up the hoses and such?

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