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    Oil Level Frustration

    So I get the RXT back after the 10 hour service and the rpm's are low. Take it back to the dealer and have him remove about 1/3 quart. Ride it and see that the hot level is still slightly above the full bend so out comes more oil, three times in 2-3 ounce increments. Problem is when I check the thing hot on the water the dipstick is always covered in at least a film of oil and can never get a clear reading. So boys and girls heres the question... if I have the ski on the trailer and level with the oil cold is there a target level to shoot for that would take in to account the thermal expansion of the oil when warm and get me to the correct level?
    Any help would be appreciated as I am getting pissed...btw I am getting aprox. 7900 rpm on calm water at 85 degrees so I know I'm close but can't seem to get it right on... Thanks, WIKI

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    bottom bend cold or mid-bend after 30 second idle and 30 second sit time. i ran 67.0 @ 8000 rpms on my rxp today in 80 so i just decided to dock it and forget about "speed runs" for a while.

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    WEll First of all I would go to a PEP BOYS if you have one in your area and get a fluid transfer manual pump (about 15 dollars). I did did this procedure today using this pump and I noticed that the cold level was not much different than the warm level. I took the skis about 7:00 AM in the morning and left the trailer in the water after unloading the ski THEN I ran ski for about 5 minues put it back on the trailer (still in the water) and then checked the level. It takes 4 or 5 times of wiping off the dipstick to see the level and it is easier to look at the BACK of the stick vs. the front. The original level waa about 1/2 inch ABOVE the indentation. I took out about 20 ounces and this made level halfway on the indentation. My ski picked up about 50 RPM. Both of my skis are 2006 rxp's but THIS one turns 7950 and my other one turns 8120.
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    As far as reading the dipstick,get some emery cloth and use it on the grooved area.....should be easier to read(there was a thread on this a few weeks ago)

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    On the stand at my dock, my oil "cold" reads 1/4 to1/2" above the low line. It will kick up another 1/2" when running. BTW - rxp's/t's do have a low oil sensor which will come on the dash if you are too low.


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