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Thread: power flow pipe

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    power flow pipe

    i know the riva pipe is 8.5" long & 2.5" dia.
    Would like to experiment with a 12" 2.5" ss free flow resonator.
    Will the extra 4" fit? Just cut the hoses from the outlet & water box shorter?

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    The extra couple of inches should fit. There is a lot of play with the front portion of the exhaust tube (from the water box to the resonator). You also will have room to trim some off of the factory tubes if you decide to go that route as well.

    Okay, so that response was a little lame but basically, either way you want to do it should be fine.

    I forced my hoses as far down on the free flow pipe as I could manage effectively shortening the exhaust path. If you use the longer tube I'd be curious to know where yours resonates and how much a couple of inches will effect this. Mine resonates just below 3500.

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