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    Yamaha FX Cruiser seats

    I saw one of these and the seats look real comfortable. They have like sissy pads on them. Anyone ride one of these ?
    It looks like a 3 seater but could only hold 2 with the padded seats.

    Probably would help stabalize the rear person when your spinning/turning.

    Makes me want to make a convertable cruiser seat.....

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    Those seats are real comfy. The most comfy you will find on a pwc. But it seems to shove you close to the handlebars.

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    Yep a very nice seat. The front one is a little tight for me as well. I would bet a custom seat could be done. Call Jet Trim, HydroTurf, or M-Line and see if they could do one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinchyle
    It looks like a 3 seater but could only hold 2 with the padded seats.
    exactly... and that's most peoples biggest complaint is that with the cruiser seats, it's not really a 3-seater

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    Ya it would only really be useful for cruising long distances with 2 people. Mabye a sissy tube cusion that would strap connect to the sides of the hull or something. Not sure it would be practical but they do look comfy for 2!

    When you go solo you slide back almost to where the 2nd person sits and lean and move to different parts of the seat so it wouldn't work as well.

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    You feel like you're riding a Caddy man. To me it was super comfy.

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    Anyone seen this.
    Jettrim will make the seat you want.
    I tried to get a stock seat gutted for the rear intake but they said they couldn't do it.

    I wonder if they could put a rear hump on the back seat ?
    Maybe make a similiar seat to the cruiser. Then I could rotate seats for cruises.

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    I have an '03. They're extremely comfortable but, with three people, the jet-ski is useless.

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    I'd really like to add a rear hump on my rear seat on the RXT. Just like the yamaha cruiser. My wife complains sometimes when I gun it even at mid speed, we both slide back in the seats. Especially with a small child in between us.
    Maybe the jettrim mid-slip will fix this.

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