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    Funny rental sign

    I was in pcola for the blue angel show and saw a ski rental sign, it said.

    We now have a seadoo 74mph ski
    also have the 70mph Honda.

    Where do they get these numbers ?

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    I thought all the hondas went 70mph?

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    how fast does the honda turbo go stock on gps ?

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    60-62mph tops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hornet
    60-62mph tops.
    let's not get too generous!

    LOL!! .... na ur right, the 2-seater turbo is good for lowwww 60s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinchyle
    I was in pcola for the blue angel show and saw a ski rental sign, it said.

    We now have a seadoo 74mph ski
    also have the 70mph Honda.

    Where do they get these numbers ?
    I saw the same sign two months ago....funny ass ad...

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    Had a kid come up to my buddy the other day. He was jumping on his 03 gtx sc, Kid asked how fast it went and he said "bout 60" the kid says "thats all, my dad's Honda over there does 88.

    I don't know what kind of honda it was, but it wasn't a 65mph ski, let alone 88. My buddy and I were wishing the dad was going to come over and say something. We wanted to ask him to put his money where his mouth was

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    had a couple guys the other day ask me how fast mine was i said 77-78 for now. he said well my rxp stock does 76 so i told him i would give 5 skis start i smoked him he said i thought your ski only ran 77-78 isaid yep on the GPS my dreamo was saying 110

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    I'm going to start just telling people that don't know about speeds that my RXT goes 80 on the speedo.

    It always seems when I'm at the gas station....

    conversation starts...
    Nice ski!! so how fast does that thing go.
    ...around 70
    Thats it... I have a yamaha cruiser that goes 75

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    I guess people make up the speed #s. But in some cases it's magazines and t.v. shows that just give out the wrong information.

    Not too long ago a show called Nuts and Bolts or something like that, went to Riva and they show cased an 03 GPR and the host was telling everyone that it did 75mph out of the box. I'm surprised no one at Riva corrected him but it was probably after their meeting and done in editing.

    A guy I ran into told me that he has an 04 FX HO and that it did 70mph. I said really, funny cause the one I had only went 61mph. GPS. He was confused when I said GPS. He never thought about it, running with a GPS, he thought the speedo was correct. I told him they are way off. But then he proceeded to tell me that it was in a Popular Mechanic that the 04 FX HO did 70mph and that was one of the reasons he got one.

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