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    04 rxp 'sensor' /high idle/trim gauge

    Had a few issues this past weekend with my 04 RXP

    Went to take it out and start it up and the ski acted like it wasnt recognizing my lanyard, it would beep and then only show the RPM on the digital portion of the gauge cluster, also the needles on the analog gauges would flip back and forth. I tried the learning key thinking it might be a lanyard problem, and same thing. Finally I tried disconnecting the battery thinking i could reset the computer or whatever, and this seemed to work as it fired right up. However, on my way out to go get gas, I notice my little trim gauge is now unlit. Trim still seems to function, however it was really rough so kind of hard to tell. I stop to gas up, disconnect the lanyard, go to restart, and same thing, dead again. Go ahead, disconnect the positive terminal on the battery, reattach and it starts. Now this time after I plug the lanyard in the display shows "SENSOR" Also after restarting this time, the ski was idling very high, around 2300 RPM. This settled out after driving around for awhile back to normal, but I thought the high idle was sort of strange. Any thoughts on these issues?

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    Something funny going on with the MPEM. You need to bring it into a dealer and have him hook it up to the BUDS computer.

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