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    Thats it 90.6 hour it lasted before it broke,(I bet you thought I was talking about speed didnt you.) I just took off for a ride when a check engine warning came up,I when straight to the shore end pulled the seats off checked everything I could think of (oil,hoses,water)everything looked normal.went out again and the same warning.I rode it 30 min. before this happened and it ran fine,and still seems too.Called my seadoo service man and he said DO NOT run engine any more and bring it in so we can hookup the computer to it and see whats going on.It is going to take him a week an a half to even look at it.Any thought on what it might be.

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    with the lanyard plugged in just hit set five times and see what trouble code comes up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk
    with the lanyard plugged in just hit set five times and see what trouble code comes up.
    to add to this...

    if u put the key on right now, it's just gonna say "END" on the screen. u need to ride it, replicate the problem, and when it occurs, DO NOT turn the machine off. press set 5 times as green hulk suggested and look closely and remember the code that gets displayed on the gauge cluster.

    turning the machine off resets it and it won't display OCCURRED codes. the guage cluster will only display active codes that occured during one activated DESS key period, so taking the key off erases ur ability to troubleshoot.

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