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    Getting codes P0261, P0264, and P0267

    Last weekend while out riding the check engine light came on. Took it in and they got these codes 261, 264, 267. On picked it up and they said that they could find nothing and they did run the test , check the ECM pin and injectors and found nothing. got the ski back rode this weekend Saturday no codes. Sunday got the check engine light. I stoped on the water hit the set switch 5 time sand got the same codes. After clearing them out came back on about three more time. Still rode the ski and rode it hard pulling hard and never losing a beat. I am going to take it back today only because it is still under warenty and have them check it out. What else could this problem be????

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    since those codes basicly say there is a problem with all three injectors, I would have to say something is haywire with your ECU, or the connector at the ECU.

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