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Thread: My Butt Hurts

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    My Butt Hurts

    Ouch, I picked-up my 05 Red RXP Saturday and put 5.5 gingerly hours on her and 2.5 hours about "Monkey Butt", but what a blast to ride...Those first two hours of "Slothing Around" is a killer...After two hours I gave it a very short WOT burst followed by another hour of babying. The same thing for hours 3 through 8...varing the RPM's...What a rush! I checked the oil after 5.5 hours and the oil level is in the middle; checked again at 8 hours and still in the middle. I'm going to have the dealer do the 10 hour maintanence and then I'll do the rest...My question is this, how far past the 10 hour mark is safe to go before the initial check up is performed? The dealer can't get me in for a couple of weeks...I'm at hour eight... Life is good...

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    Ride it until they can get to you. I did my 10 hour maintenance closer to 20 hours. You might check your oil filter for metal shavings and such. If you don't find any, you are good to go.

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