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    Radio range- VHF vs FRS ?


    We've got a set of the FRS radios we use when skiing, ect with the kids. We've tried them on the water with limited success-- limited range. DIrect line of sight across the lake 3-4 miles work, but anywhere out of sight (in a cove, ect) -- no luck there.

    Comments on handheld VHF radios vs FRS with respect to range ?

    Folks that ride with the handlehd VHF radios clipped to the PFD-- can you hear them when riding ?

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    I'm pretty sure VHF is much better, I have one of the Family radio things, 1/4 mile away in the woods....doesn't work.

    The VHS is usually about 5watts, but I thinks it's type of signal is stronger

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    You can hear good quality VHF handhelds. They have quality
    speakers. VHF is somewhat line of sight, but a good 25 miles on
    open water. You get reasonable reception around corners, in coves,
    etc. depending on terrain. Higher the antenna the better. My primary
    purpose is to talk to Coast Guard / fellow boaters when riding offshore.
    It's being monitored by powerful military spec receivers, might as well
    get something for my taxes.......

    I posted this earlier -

    just bought a Standard Horizon HX270S for $150 from West Marine
    Waterproof, has a nice quick release clip that I use on my PFD.
    Extra battery holder of AA for emergency, etc. Nice solid unit. ________

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    I wish I would have had This last weekend. Lost my party who were on a pontoon boat on a very large llake (nacimiento). took me about an hour and over a half tank of gas to find them.

    VHF should be longer range because the frequency is much lower. The higher the frequency is the more line of sight the communication becomes. Think of radio (which is low frequency) vs. laser (which is super high frequency)

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    i bought a couple midland nautica's , the range is very good and have performed flawlessly , They also have a key for instant emergency communication with the coast guard !

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