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    huricane beartha ride in o.c. maryland ?

    with the first huricane of the season. The wave jumpping season is officially open. So with that in mind......friday, sat, sun , a few of he locals are going to the shoal.....we are leaving from water ways or mackeys , around 10 am on 53 street. anyone intrested contact me a.s.a.p..
    for those unfamilar with the shoals.......if the the waves are head high on the beach....there double over head at the shoal. and if you are a rookie.....this weekend may not be the weekend for offence , just for your saftey.

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    been watching Bertha.

    WOW... How I wish I could hit some big waves. Injury will keep me on the sidelines.

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    Man my place is right there next to macky's this would be perfect for me...If my ski is running by then...Working on it this week.

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    Also we will be bringing a video there is evidence of the larges air and biggest who got f***ed up the also my prediction is for the waves to be about shoulder high on the beach on fiday and building with the low tide....with a few larger set waves comming in....and building saturday to over head high set waves and getting really big around low tide put on your superman cape and lets jump some waves.....this is a very rare deal for ocean city.....not to have huricane swell....but to have it so early in the season....during summer months and to have the water still warm....
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    My avatar is at the "shoal"

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    very cool...then you know how big it will get!!!! my 2001 gpr is ready to go...and my 2000 gpr is being worked on with ron at water be ready. if i need a back up call your friends...going to be a great day...and sat night with tide change should be the best!!!!.....if any one needs to call me ...e mail me and i'll give you my phone number.


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    I will be down fri sat and sun! will be with a a couple friends. Staying at princess bayside. You'll most likely see me at secrets. Say hello!! I could use someone to show me where to ride since I've not been down there before with my ski.

    my cell is 215 837 2272..

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    I just saw this, What time did you guys go?
    Today I was out there from 8-11 am today, just me and one stand-up rider.

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