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    Movies and sales

    OK, maybe I'm missing something but Hollywood and the movie industry keep bragging how much money a move brought in and how it beat the previous record.
    This makes no sence to me because they equate the money it brought in to how popular it is.
    They are now bragging how "Pirates of the Carrabein" is now the alltime champ for opening weekend and somehow equate to us that means its the most popular opening ever of a movie.

    This is a crock of huey, because they say it beat out Spiderman, and so and so, but what they should say is the number of ticket sales! that would mean something.

    I'm sure Pirates did have a big audience, but ticket cost have gone up since 2002 and therefore thier claims mean nothing.

    Why not just say, Pirates sold X# of tickets, beating Y# of tickets sold for Spiderman. That would actuall mean something.

    This would make so much more sence, but its about useless hype, not realistic #'s.
    Hollywood, get real, post someting that makes sence!

    We Now return you back to your regularly scheduled jetskiing!!!!

    P.S. I am not slamming "Pirates", it did well and may be a good film.
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