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    Sea doo tools

    Where can I get another oetiker (SC hose clamp)? Also I need the special torx adapter to remove and replace the upper rear torx bolt. A picture of this adapter would be nice. Oh I almost forgot I need a set of Oetiker pliers. Would you recommend replacing the clutch? I have 51 hours on the original washers.

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    u don't need those pliers to get the clamps off. i used an adjustable wrench and just twisted it and it poped right off.

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    Are you talking about the top bolt on the supercharger?

    A 1/4" box end wrench is what most people use. It fits perfectly.

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    just use a nice quality stainless worm drive clamp on the rubber SC hose rather than the Oiteker.

    and as jerry said. 1/4" wrench works fine on it, get a good grip on it before u start trying to pry away and unthread it. u dont wanna strip the bolt head.

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