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    Damn you guys have been busy

    I go away for the weekend and I came back to 343 new posts!

    <Gasp> I might even actually ride tomorrow. The worst part is I know when I get back home I'm going to end up spending money on parts....and I think the car needs a new turbo....I need a bigger 'toy budget'

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    When are you going to mod you ski??? How can you drive that bad boy mustang on the land and not want the same for the water??

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    VERY's called going through what, 5 or 6 motors on the XPL, losing over 2 years of riding time and the sport losing a lot of it's 'fun appeal'. Every time you get on a ski, you're just waiting for the next BOOM. Every sound, tick, thunk, crackle makes you wonder if it's going to die again. Losing a few hundred rpm in water you think was the same chop as the day before makes you wonder about the oil you just REALLY screws with you.

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    I installed some bolt on's and what a difference yet still very reliable. Just got back from Table Rock Lake in MO and ran a steady 72 on the GPS with 1/2 tank at 930 FASL.

    Last year's mods were Worx Sponsons, Worx Grate and OPAS Blockoff's. Top end was 67.8 at the same lake.

    This year's mods were Riva SC Impeller, Riva air intake and I added an Atwood bilge blower attached to the rear vent tube to suck out the hot air. I can cool the inside of my hull 15 to 20 degrees in less than 5 minutes. Normally I run without the blower running. No prop change and didn't touch the motor. My best GPS run was 72.2 but never ran my tank below 1/2 full. This is all I'm doing. It runs great and plenty fast for me.

    To be perfectly honest, the RXP is fun for going fast but I'm still partial to my XPL. I rode my daughters 97 XP and like the ride much better. The seat and riding position can't be beat not to mention the handling and overall fun. This might be the last year for my RXP. The only advantage is I don't have to screw with adjusting from 6K FASL down to 900 feet.

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    I guess until I start riding more I just can't justify spending all the extra money when the car still has needs. I finally got out riding today and after getting beaten up in some nasty chop for a while it calmed down enough (still not "calm") to pull 66.1@7800 with a full tank, last years plugs and half the fuel was from last year with stabilizer in it...wasn't bad.

    I was dying for 4strokes to invade the pwc scene - I told GP it would be the death of the 2strokes years ago and it is a realm that I actually know I never grew up with 2strokes, but there are so many similarities now to the car world that I can appreciate. But until we start doing more trips with the skis, stock it says...unless of course the car magically gets a different turbo kit on it

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