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    good job man you came a long way since the start of this thread no doubt, Post a pic with the new polaris cover on it.. Cya Slick

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    Bing-A-Ding-Ding-Ding, Brrrrrap! Brrrrrrrrrap!!! Polaris_Nut#1's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by xlint89 View Post
    And all the new Sportsters.....
    Oh they got some nice decals for them that would look hot on the SL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slick PWC View Post
    good job man you came a long way since the start of this thread no doubt, Post a pic with the new polaris cover on it.. Cya Slick
    Thanks, and I intend to...

    Gotta keep that flat black clean, it gets dirty too easy...

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    cool keep that black nice and clean now, when did the covers arrive??? Cya Slick

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    Just this morning...

    The black thats on there is more of a base coat. Im going to hit it again and make it near perfect if I can. Im cleaning it up a bit under the seat and its starting to look nice. Now I need some hydroturf to replace the torn stock one and some light decals...

    Hopefully she gets in the water soon!

    Thanks again for the deal!

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    Cool looking foward to you progress on this Polaris ski, enjoy the covers because i wanted some one to be able to use them... Cya Slick

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    Arrow Cleaning a PWC cover

    You can wash a PWC cover in a large, front loading type washing machine. Use the gentle cycle, and an extended rinse cycle. It is important to have no cleaner residue on or in the fabric weave.

    Do not use fabric softener. Air dry, do not use a clothes dryer machine.

    I first scrubbed my own PWC covers with Simple Green where it was dirtiest, and rinsed that off.

    Then I sprayed a strong mixture of laundry bleach and Simple Green where there was black mold/mildew spots showing. The bleach kills the growth, and makes it disappear.

    Rinse it thoroughly to make sure 100% of the cleaning solution is gone.

    Do the bleach work with the cover off the PWC. I used a pair of plastic workhorses. Be careful of the bleach mist and fumes - you do not want to breathe that in! Wear gloves and old clothes.

    Then I put the cover through the washing machine, and let it air dry for a couple of days, again off the PWC.

    Once clean and dry, you can use a water proofing product. I used 303 High Tech Fabric Guard, which I purchased from West Marine. It takes more than one bottle to fully waterproof a PWC cover.

    Follow the 303 instructions, and wet the fabric with the product. Once dry, I did mine a second time (which takes less product than the first time). Be sure to get it into all the seams and folds.

    The trick is to be thorough with the 303 liquid application, and start with a clean and dry cover. The 303 liquid doesn't wick very well, so you really have to spray it everywhere you want it to protect.

    I stretched my cover out over a pair of plastic work horses, and moved it around to get at all the seams and folds, on both the inside and outside surfaces.

    Once saturated, I let it dry in the warm sun all day. Move it around occasionally to be sure it is all exposed and drying.

    Once it has dried fully, it is amazing how well it sheds water. The water drops just ball up and roll off. Even where it pools, it doesn't soak through very much at all.
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    Thanks for posting because them covers could use a good coat of some kind of rain protection because they dont repel the water like my new ones.. Cya Slick

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    Yea, well its snowing outside now... So I suppose any ski related activities might have to wait until its a bit above freezing again.

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