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    Intercooler Condensation:

    Has anyone noticed if their Riva or RR IC sweats or condensates internally and externally when flushing with tap water?
    Does this also happen when the Bays, Rivers, and oceans are cold?

    If this is a re-occuring thing, does this condensation do any harm to the engine?...PR...
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    I think its normal... I had removed my IC and saw condensation in it. Made a phone call and my buds was the same way... Oh AND I have the XS Power IC...

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    I think it's just condensation from humid air. When the air is flowing the water is just part of the humid air, if that makes since.

    I've seen it on the inside of my aluminum pipe on my SC tube.

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    ya it sweats when you are riding, when i had my breather hose still attached to my intake there was a milky oil after the ic which tells me the water is mixing with the oil residue in the intake, the water wont hurt a thing, if anything the mist will help coming off the ic, but the thing is i bet it never gets to the pistons it will be evaporated before that i am guessing

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    Just think of it as water injection .....Nothing wrong with that at alll We run a turbo car with a 5 Gal cell of Ice and you should see the condencation after a pass ......

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    caburetors sweat like this too, especially if they are a little rich and it's a cool humid day. I've seen condensation literally dripping off of the carbs of a couple of my 951 ski's.

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    Cool, Thanks you guys. You can imagine the feeling I got when I saw water blowing out of the outlet when I had the coupler off
    I thought the IC took a dump already...PR...

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    Buddy ran a Keith Black motor in his picklefork. The tunnel ram would look just like a frosted mug. Cool shit with zoomies shooting 4 ft flames.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOSS
    Buddy ran a Keith Black motor in his picklefork. The tunnel ram would look just like a frosted mug. Cool shit with zoomies shooting 4 ft flames.
    What in the hell is a Picklefork??? ...PR...

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    Sometimes I can't tell if Hoss is sober or drunk.
    He is either drunk and talking jiberish or sober and talking over my head.
    Sometimes they both sound the same

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