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    Lining up Riva Intake Grate

    Can someone give me some insite on the best way to line up the Riva Grate with the hull for most effective performance?

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    Just make sure its not sticking down below the rideplate where it bolts on.

    I'd like to know if anyone has experimented with sanding down the area where the front bolt part of the RIVA grate meets the hull to take some steepness out of it for possibly more speed on top end? Thats why some of the Yamaha guys go with the 800 grate over the 1200 grate. It has less steepness for more top end. Just curious...?

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    RXPkid what that will do is make the area the bolt goes thru thinner which makes it weaker.

    There is a tremendous amount of stress on that front bolt. You want the area around the bolt as thick as possible.

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