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    Question Idea's to dock a PWC??

    During the week I have the ski on a lift under my boat. But would like to have somewhere else on the weekend.

    Was wondering if anyone has any ideas (especially some home made idea's) on how to store the boat for the day.

    I'm on a lake with the water level the same all the time (+/- 6")

    Shore line is rocks and very steep.

    Don't feel like spending $1000 on floating plastic dock (cost + winter storage of the dock)

    Was thinking of getting 2- 2"x6" around 8' long boards with 12" spacer 2'x4" and make something that would look like a ladder lieing down, and connect to the edge of the dock, so it would be12" higher on the dock side, and I could drive it up, and leave it. And if I wanted to put it on the dock, just pull it accross on the dock.

    WOuld appriete to hear some idea's

    And if you have a pic, would be great to see as well

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    Yes, I think all you need to do is fashion a perch based on the same measurements as the supports of your existing trailer, in fact you can probably use some trailer bunks and mounts as a PWC trailer, just mount them to a platform instead of a trailer frame... personally, I would prefer the floating plastic dock, but you're right they are pretty pricey:
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    What we did was take on old 8'x12' dock that some one had made out of pressure treated lumber. Added a couple of plastic drums under on end of it and anchored the other end to the shore by putting down a couple of 4x4's into the ground. then we built 2 sets of 2x6 runners with outdoor carpet on them for bunks. At the water end with cut angles on the end of the bunks to allow the bow to ride up on the 2x6's. It won't come completely out of the water with 2 skis sitting on the end but we winch the skis up to the shore end of the float and they sit out just fine.
    So it's not hard to make something like this. Just takes a bit of though and a bit of backyard engineering.
    I'll see if I can get a pic of this sometime this weekend.

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