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    how to make my 900 stx faster??

    hello all... I have a 2000 900 stx and is all stock with a new motor. What can i do to make it faster and not spend a lot of $$. Its not running perfect cause it has been sitting for bout a year. I have to spray starter spray to get it started. It runs about 50 on flat water... can anyone help?

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    the carb probably needs a rebuild. pull the old gas and put some fresh gas check all your lines, etc etc.

    the motor is new, so i dont know how extensive your willing to mod it or how "deep" you want to go into your wallet. basic 900 2 stroke i would start with flame arrestors, carb rejet/rebuild, jetworks flow control valve, ride plate and prop.

    if you want the most out of it, it will cost you more, send to harry at groupk he will make it run 58-59 reliably on pump gas.

    you may want to look into a jetinetics flywheel also

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    Don't us aftermarket flame arrestors on it. 50 is a great speed for a stock 900. The ride plate is a big help for the money.

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