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    low oil indicator

    Was out jumping waves today on my 2004 genesis I and display registered oil full. My son came back after 10 min with low oil warning light and gauge to bottom. No oil in hull and plenty in reservoir. Any quick fixes without replacing the ASM sender for $103, or how can I check the sending unit? MORE IMPORTANTLY can i run the ski safely as long as I am sure there is oil in the reservoir.
    Thanx in advance for ur advice
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    Sorry the above refers to a 2004 genesis I

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    With the Low Oil warning active, I think the engine will be limited to 3500 RPM.

    I think that if you unplug the connector for the oil tank sender (Black & Blue wires in a connector), then the Low Oil warning will go away, and you will be able to run the Genesis i normally.

    If I am wrong, then you would need to cobble together a 33 ohm resistor between the Blue and Black wires in the unplugged connector (the half that leads to the wiring harness).

    Of course, make very sure you keep that oil tank full.

    Since you are jumping waves with a Genesis , check that you haven't jarred any connectors, cabling, or oil/fuel lines loose, or have anything hanging down unsupported anywhere where it could get in trouble.

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