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    1998 GTI bogged down when hot

    I'm new to the site and hope that you can help. I have a 90 GTI that just started to fail once the engine warms up. The ski works fine for about 10 minutes then suffers from lack of power. basically, once it is warm I can only idle. I put in new plugs, check for good water flow. Any ideas??

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    Welcome to the Hulk, can you give any more details as to what it does when warmed up? If you hit the throttle will it die or just bog? How well does it run before you notice you can't get more then idle out of it? A quick thought would be to try pulling out the high tension leads from the plug caps and snip about a 1/4 of an inch off, then screw them back into the caps and tie-strap them really well with a good tie-strap. Sometimes before a ski warms up the plug leads will be fine because things contract when cold, so your internal wiring will group closer. But after warming up the heat makes them expand and stretch away from each other if there's a small pile of broken wires internally. The end result is not enough power getting to the plugs killing high demand spark. Give that a try and let us know if there's any difference.

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    I had a similar problem with my 2001 gti 720.. after it warmed up, it basically bogged down and stalled, re-started, but would only idle, opening the throttle it would die. We found a couple things, 1 the carb was clogged up, and 2 the pulse line that someone had installed was really long and made of a cheap clear hose it may have been collapseing but, I am betting in my case and yours the carb needs to be pulled and gone through.

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    First off its a 98 model (not a 90). It actually dies at full throttle and has to be re-started and will then idle only. I noticed a slip in performance before this more major of a problem. I used to get about 50MPH from it and saw it slip to a max of 45MPH. The next weekend use brought about the issues discribed, thanks!

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    I'm going to think that when the engine dies it happens within the first 3 minutes right? If so...try checking your fuel tank vent lines. They need air to come in and if an inbound vent is will implode the tank. It will suck right in like a plastic pop bottle. After enough air has been able to force it's way into the tank again you will get some running capability back but not enough to compensate for the fuel demand. I had a check valve go bad on an old stand-up ski and that was exactly what happened. Check all those vent lines dude for a plug somewhere. Mud wasps are famous for blocking off small water bypass and vent lines.

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    Carb problem

    I had a dealer analyze what I expected to be an inexpensive repair. recommendation is to rebuild the carbs, drain fuel, clean the tank, lines and replace fuel filter. $650.00! Does this sound like a fair price?

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    $120 for carb kits and gaskets
    $400 ($100/hr around here) for shop labor at 4 hours

    Yeah, $650 is not that far off.

    Do it yourself and save a couple hundred bucks in labor. Carbs aren't that hard and fuel hose change is easy.

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