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    Question on Wave Venture 701

    Acquired a 95 Wave venture with 701 engine. Have a few questions

    1) In the aft compartment there are two plastic tubes\ Sightglasses in the vent lines. They appear to be in the gas tank vent line and the battery vent. Are these supposed to show the fluid levels? The gas one is empty and the battery one has what appears to be oil in it. Battery vent line is loose in bottom of boat but whatever is in the tube doesn't run out. Pic 1
    2) In the front compartment there are what look like some sort of hull reinforcements screwed to the hull. Several screws are missing. Should I replace the screw? Do they screw in or need to be epoxied in? What size screw? Pic 2 and 3.
    DSCF0002.JPG DSCF0003.JPG
    3) Wires are hanging free under the MFD. Any advice on how they should be secured? Pic 4
    Learned a ton reading this forum aprreciate and advice you all can offer
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    I am not too sure about the vent lines or the missing screws, but I can help with the wires. I go to Lowes or Home Depot in the electrical section and buy sticky back tie wrap holders. You can stick these squares to the inside of the hull, run a tie wrap through them and secure the loose wires nice & neat out of the way.

    On second thought, the place in the hull where there are holes, it may be used on the 1100 venture, and not the 701. Hopefully some waveventure experts will clear this up.
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