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    pump wedge on a rxt-x?

    Is the putting the pump wedge and extension rod on the rxt-x really worth it? See my signature for the mods I already have.

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    27 should see at least 1 to 2 mph...and with the nose all the way up, the drag decreases and depending on the water conditions you can go farther on a tank of gas. I like mine.....just depends on the water conditions and how you ride, and what you want to accopmlish.

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    75 percent of the time the water is calm with a 6inch chop

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    I think you'll like the wedge. That's the water condition I ride in the most...and it really cuts down on hull drag and I picked up speed.

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    I tried mine both with and without the wedge and I lost speed when I took it off. I do mainly lake riding also so you should like it!!!

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    thanks for the info...i just ordered one.

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