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    MSX 140 HELP.. Please.... Its gone pop! lol


    My MSX 140 2003 model, has gone POP.... 293 hours, and number 2 Cylinder (middle) has popped a ring off, and knackered my bore....

    Ive striped it down, taken the Bore off, and piston, and both are screwed...

    The parts in the UK for what i need is abt 1000 so thats about $2000 dollars.. which is a insane amount.

    The bore has 3 big 1.5mm scores taken out of them, and a new bore over here is costly 400 or $800 ... Can i re bore all 3, and put bigger pistons in, if so which ones? Anyone done this?

    Or... Anyone got a good bore they wanna post to the UK?

    I can get "3 wiseco pistons with 3 top end bearings and topend gasket set for $482.00 (in the states, and $78 shipping) which i think i will go for, and change all 3...

    But it all boils down the the bore....?

    Any pointers or advice?

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    I don'tknow ofmany businesses that will send itemstothe U.K.
    I'd send the cylinder to Randy at Watcon (very trustworthy and reliable), he can repair it, have it re-niked and then sent back to you in the U.K.
    He'll also supply you with a stock 85mm factory piston.

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    Can you or has anyone, re bored, or honed them bigger, and then fit oversized pistons???

    Who is Randy, and where is he? And how much does he charge?


    Has anyone Ported and Polished there Inlets?

    Thanks for the reply

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    Quote Originally Posted by T11OM F View Post
    Who is Randy, and where is he? And how much does he charge?
    Best bet is to telephone Randy directly, and work out how best to get your problems fixed.

    Has anyone Ported and Polished there Inlets?
    Randy can address that question too.

    The Ficht engines are tricky to make changes to, as the Ficht fuel injection system is not designed to accomodate changes in the engine's air flow.

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