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    what to do if I need to tow my ski behind a boat

    I want to be able to tow my GPR behind my boat or my dad's boat. My dad's boat cruises at 20 mph or so, my boat cruises closer to 40 mph so I may or may not even try towing behind my boat, but I at least want to be able to meet up with my dad on the water, drink his beer , and hang out with him and have him tow me back in if i'm too lazy or if it's too late to ride back in (have to be in 1 hour before sunset in MI). It would also be nice to tow my ski out to the hang-out spot with my boat, and use my boat as a home base while I run around the flats on my ski.

    I understand that towing behind the boat can cause the motor to ingest water. My question is, how do I prevent this? what hose(s) let the water come in, and can I install a shutoff valve to stop the water from coming in? I would probably tie my kill switch to the valve when I shut off the water to make sure I don't leave it off and try to ride!

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    Thanks! I tried searching, i really did... but I couldn't figure out what search terms to pick to narrow it down.

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