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    Is this an Amsoil Story? 1996 XP

    I went to the beach on the weekend for the first time since I put my RFI pump back on my 1996 XP. I had problems last time I was out due to the rubber plug falling off the drive shaft when I installed the RFI pump.

    I idled out of the no wake zone checking my bilge outlet. It is at the back of the ski below the grab handle, right in the middle. I now know that cosmetically that is a good spot, but if I want to see it working, it is not a good spot.

    I get out into open water and give it gas. I manage to get up to 6100 rpms and that is it. I turn around to take it back into shore and my friend comes over. He tells me water is coming out of the bilge. I assume it is the carbon seal. I proceed to idle back to shore when the overheat sensor alarm sounds. I shut it down and get towed back. When I get to shore I find out that I forgot to install the cooling line on the pump when I installed the pump. I am in disbelief.

    I put it all together and take it back out. Top speed of 45 mph. I figured I seized a piston. I go back to shore, take off the raves and inspect the pistons. They look like new. I change the spark plugs and take it back out. By this time it is getting a bit wavy. I get it up to top speed and everything feels good. I proceed to jump the waves of Lake Erie for an hour and a half. FYI, in wavy conditions, I was able to keep up with my friends RXDI. I know I couldn't have done this with my stock pump/prop. The RFI pump/Concorde just hooks in wavy conditions. He was quite surprised.

    I run premix with Amsoil HPI. Did this save my engine? Do you think anything might be damaged that might go next time I am out? I plan on riding the St. Clair river on the weekend by myself and it has a good current. Not a good spot to break down.

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    oops, sorry bout that. if it ran full rpms it's fine. you can compression test to be sure but i'm sure you are fine.

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    You are good Mike. I've done it before too. The engine will lay down when it gets too hot, and try to seize up. If you didn't get it to this point and keep holding into the gas to keep it running, you did no damage.

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    I've read accounts of certain oils having a high sheer effect? if thats what they call it? I bet amsoil does.


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