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    98 slxh question????

    I"m new to the forum and would like to say HI,
    The problem I'm having is I bought a 98 slxh 1050 of craiglist for 900.00 to find the only problem was a bad fuse in the electrical box. It runs good on top turnig about 6400rpms but at around 2000rpms from a dead stop it bogs and I have top stab it real quick to accelarate.
    Are the things bad about being lean on the bottom end??? I turned the low idle from 1 3/4 to about 2 turns out and it helped, should I turn them out a little more???
    I've already checked all the carbs. no dirt in them and all diaphram look new Its probably the pop off presurre the only thing I don't have a gauge for.
    Thanks for any info......

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    Going rich never hurts...These motors are very sensitive to mixture changes; 1/8 turn will make a difference. May have to play w/ it.......

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