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    crank case vent not fully drilled open!!

    when upgrading the crank case fitting i noticed there was what looked like a half moon in the passage (inside the crank case). meaning it looks like 2 peices were drilled out but then one slid over so only 2/3 of the opening is there. Is this normal? I don't want to drill it out cause i'll never be able to get all the fallen metal out of the case without taking it all apart. any suggestions?

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    There is no need to break out any grinders and drill the "casting/machining flaw"....look sideways at the hole with your head at the front of ski per se' while looking to the rear using a flashlight.

    You'll see there is plenty of volume for the OCMS crankcase fitting to take full advantage of, however, the stock fitting does not plus obviouslt it is much smaller....good observation!

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    I got mine cleaned up a little by using a dremel and a piece of oil soaked foam on a string. It's do-able without getting any filings in the oil but it's risky and probably not worth it. See my link below with a picture of what I did.

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    I agree, not worth the risk for no gain. I left mine alone.

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