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Thread: 155hp or 215hp?

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    155hp or 215hp?

    I am completely new to PWC's and am doing as much research as I can before I buy. Please read this completely before you answer.

    My wife and I have both ridden jet ski's and PWC's in the past and want to get one for both of us to use. We both ride dirtbikes and she is perfectly capable of riding her YZ 250F. So in the arena of higher performance watercraft, too much power is not an issue.

    There have been a few new models from all manufacturers claiming they can tow a skier/wakeboarder with no problem (this is where we are stuck). We want to get a nice watercraft that is capable, but will a stock 155hp model do the trick? I know the 215hp would be great, but can I get away with a 155hp model?

    I am 6'0", 190lbs and my wife is 5'9", 135lbs.

    Any help would be great.

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    Get the 215. Nuff said.

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    A 155 will tow a tuber or wakeboarder, but you will always wish you had got the 215.
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    Yeah, if you can afford the extra power, go for it.

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    dont bother with the 155hp... Get the RXTX.
    A 2005 125cc dirtbike is capable of a good time, but a 2008 cr250r is much more fun... Just to compare...

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    My story may help...

    My first pwc experience was a Polaris SL650 when they were brand new. Thought it was great because I was 16 years old, and a the time it was one of the faster skis (50mph if I remember right). Rode for a year or so and then it was sold.

    Years later, we pick up two Turbo Honda's (listed in sig, 165HP) and I thought D@MN those are fast, and still are compared to many others but I got used to the speed in a couple weekends (accelleration/top speed) and then it was just fun to ride... still fast and exciting, but nothing suprising any more.

    Had a few boats and such which were fast, and have the Jet Boat which feels fast but still wasn't getting the excitment in the accelleration/speed department. So I sold my Sunsation (24' Offshore boat, 6' wide with a Big Block Chevy) with aims to get another ski and a motorcycle. Picked up my RXP-X a little while ago and WOW it's a whole other animal. Feels FAST, at least it did at first. It didn't slow down, I just got used to it... so now I'm modding the P-X to go faster, but mostly more accelleration to get to 75mph.

    Point is, for some of us it will NEVER be "fast" enough.

    Now... the 155HP (like in a GTI 155HP) for example should easily pull you guys around and be fun while doing so. I'm a BIG guy and I've pulled other 200lb adults around on tubes with a 130lb spotter on the 3-seat Honda. Keep in mind this is with a 165HP ski, that cavitates off the line HORRIBLY, partially due to a shot wear ring with a LOT of weight on it and in tow.

    But if you're ever going to want to go out a "tear it up" on your own... get the 215HP. For the extra $1K (or less) it costs, it's TOTALLY worth it, and not even just to a speed freak. The added power makes it easier to tow or cruise with multiple people as well. It's not just about the speed.

    OK... just my opinion. (enough typing.)

    -=Mike G.

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    I bought a 155 and regretted it every time I rode.. grabbed a 215 this year. Start out with the right ski!!! 215 all the way!

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    I have a 155 and I can tow easily. It's my first PWC and I don't regret getting it. It gets the job done, but if you have the money, you may as well go for the 215.

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    go for the power t-x or p-x

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    Cmon 1-2k$ for 60HP. Hell some drop that much just to pick up 5-10Hp.
    I dont think it is even worth debating personally. If you have the money it is a no brainer.
    MY .02$

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