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Thread: ocmd ?

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    ocmd ?

    i have been to oc before but never with my new speedster where is a good place to launch from and to ride at i will be there in sept for a week and looking to have some fun

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    Ryan, just prior to getting into OC (main bridge) crossing over the water there is a traffic light Golf course (I believe) & a Royal Farms gas station. Hang a right. Go down the road 1/4 mile or so and on the left there is a free public launch. There is a 2 story boat house and parking there. Make sure to obey the th coz way speed limits and know how to read channel markers so you dont get stuck on a sand bar. Also, I might be going down to Lake Anna on the 19th.

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    sweet we will have to meet up i realy like it down there the wife does not like the potomac because the h2o is so nasty and she cant swim in it so we end going to anna alot

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