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Thread: SL750 - Reed??

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    SL750 - Reed??

    I'm a car guy - new to working on these things. I have a pair of 95 SL 750's. Having issues with one only running on two cylinders. Compressionn on the forwardmost cylinder (problem one) is fine - 135. Have spark - but still no go. It has "kicked in" on occassion and when it does - runs strong for a few seconds. I ran it with the cover off and was seeing some blowback off of that front carb - and someone said it might be the "reed"? What is that - how do I check - and what should it look like if good or bad?

    thanks in advance for any advice. I'm new to the Hulk - but what a GREAT forum!


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    The reed valves (petals) are in the intake tract under the manifold. They act as one way valves to allow fuel/air mixture in; but seal closed during comp/ex stroke. They are lightweight fiberglass petals and are known to break; You will have to pull the carbs and intake manifold to inspect them.

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    Thanks for the information. If I remove the carbs and manifold and they are ok - can I re-use them or do I need to replace (like a gasket) once opened? Are these easily acquired?

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    You can reuse the reeds, but may need new gaskets as they may tear. Both are readily available.

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