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    glove compartment gps

    A couple of questions if anyone knows. I have a garmin 72 gps will this fit that gps? I think that they are the same size.

    Also according to the sea doo site it says that it is for all watercrats and sport boats (i find that hard to believe) does it replace the lid or sit on top?

    Will it fit a RXP or RXT?

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    i jsut bought one myself.... and put a Garmin GPS MAP 76 Color in it.

    the glove box lid is for SEADOO GTX SC, GTX, RXT, GTX Limited, etc....

    basically ONLY for the GTX series of hulls which includes the RXT... all 3-seater 4-stroke seados is another way to put it.

    the GPS 72 WILL fit i'm 99.9% sure.... double check by comparing the technical specs from garmin's site.... compare the GPS 76 and the 72.... almost positive they are in the same size shell.

    PS.... i love my glove box lid.... was an AWESOME purchase.

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