R5WaterXRacing is proud to announce that on Wednesday July 2nd 2008 at approx 9:00pm CST that we will be talking with injured
Pro rider Trace Mills LIVE via telephone on www.chrisnitelive.com

I spoke with Trace this afternoon and he is excited and ready to let everyone hear his voice and to let everyone know he is doing ok and is on his way to recovery. This kid is an inspiration to all!

Please come on over and listen in to what he has to say and join the chat room and talk with him via the CHAT ROOM. He will be on as long as his body and mind will allow him.

We will be dedicating this race to him this weekend and it WILL be broadcast live on www.chrisnitelive.com starting at 10am CST.

For more info and if you cant figure out how to get on the chat room or how to listen in please call me at 214-498-3592.