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    Sl 750 engine alignment

    I have 93 sl750 and I am going to rebuild top end of the engine. At first I was going to do it in the hull but now after browsing around on here I am going to do a few other things to such as oil pump block off all new fuel lines and other stuff. So now I want to just pull the engine so I can get to everything a little easier, but the only thing holding me back from pulling it is when I go to put it back in do I have to have alignment tool or can I just put the same shims back where the were it there is any. I am new to all this so bare with me. Thanks

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    If you put the same number of shims back in the same location you should be OK but is always a good idea to check alignment whenever any engine or pump components have been removed.

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    Where can I get one of the alignment tools

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    Quote Originally Posted by sl750-93 View Post
    Where can I get one of the alignment tools

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