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    water hose to 99 slt 700

    hello people first time posting. first off i bought a 99 slth 700 and found that after driving awhile she developed a bog on start off and couple days ago she died and wouldnt start for couple hours. anyways i came home took off carb cleaned them up(not much dirt) when i went to change the fuel lines i pulled one off and it was pissing gas out. i loosened up gas cap and it stoped...problem solved she was air locking herself and not pumping any fuel. anyways i got her in the driveway and want to start her with the hose for a little fine tuning but dont know where it goes. there is a brass plug on top of the head where water goes into head but not sure if this is it. also i have no attachment so can i screw hose right on to seado....thanks sorry so long but if any one discovers that there watercraft isnt gettin gas lossen fuel cap and see if it is pressurized.

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    you need an attachment to connect the hose to the water manifold.

    the fuel tank pressurizes as you ride which in turn pushes your fuel throughout the fuel system lines/carbs/pump/return line and excess fuel back into the tank.

    that bog you have is though fuel related..................probably................
    ...............................lean............... .........lean....................

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