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    Power Loss 5100RPM Macsboosted

    Hey guys, I have a 2004 R12X with about 42 hours. I bought it used last year with 12hrs on it. It has always been the slowest of the bunch. My brother and I both have the same skis, and his has always murdered me. His Tack also goes to a Steady 6K. Now I have been trying to diag the problem myself with the limited info that I do have about the system. I have been a Auto Tech for many years and I specify in electronic diagnostics. So here is what I thinking...The WGS is bad. I did the Nitro Super Quick check and it does not blow through when running at idle. So I took the WGS and tried powering it up with my power probe and it opens just fine. So I checked the signal to the WGS and I know it is PWM. I have a constant B+(12V) when idling and the computer PWM the ground side. I see power and ground at idle but the WGS still does not open, however opens fine when I power it up manually. I treid a MACSBOOST module to wake it up a little and felt no real performance gains. When we did the module on my bros sky it really woke up. What am I missing here guys? Is the WGS a super low impedance that only requires a minimum ground value to open? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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    not going into electronics(even though that might be it) your ski could have been broken wrong as the manual says to take it light for the first 10 hours and if this was done it can lose anywhere from 2 to 10% of the power it could of had which may also contibute to the reason your macsboost chip does not work as well

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