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    New Posts being updated?

    How come when I click on new posts I don't see the post I made in the "how to" section?

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    I see it. Did you try again?

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    when u click new posts, it only shows threads which u have not viewed.

    therefore, anything you already viewed will not show up as a new post. in addition, if u reply to a thread, it will not be a"new post" to you bc u already viewed what u wrote. it will not be a new post on your computer until someone else types on the thread after u.

    if u click PORTAL, u'll probably find ur post there if it was recent, otherwise u need to go to the forum index.

    i hate the way it works also, but that's the software, lol

    to answer ur wear ring question... any local dealer will stock the wear ring. or call Riva, SBT, WSM and get a wear ring sent to you.

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    Wasn`t Kanuck melting some sheet and making his own at one point? That thread,,,,THAT PIC! brb

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