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    Talking Njrealtor55 Did An Incredible Transaction With

    Over the past two weeks Ive been dealing with a Very stand up Guy. Jason From JS Powersports. Over the weekend he had installed the parts that I ordered from him... An Impeller and Intake Grate... I'am a newbie to all this and I dont know much. I explained to him my problem and he knew what I needed and everything worked out exactly as he said...

    Really a terrific guy and plan on doing more business with him in the future..

    Didnt know where to post this so please dont BASH.
    But I recommend him to everyone! Hes the type of guy that will go further than he has too to help someone, which is a rare quality to have these days...


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    This is a great post Nick, it's nice to see someone offering appreciation to someone that goes the extra mile. You should mention though where you/he are located so anyone in the area and on this site with minimal knowledge can benefit as well. Again, great post.

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    good to hear!

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    O yea your right didnt even Notice

    We are both from the Central Jersey Area! I cant say enough good things about him!

    Cya guys later,

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    Nick is a great guy - I am glad I could help him out! He ordered a solas impeller and a worx intake grate.

    we had some trouble getting that beat up stock impeller off the pump shaft (kawi seems to have stripped the pump shaft threads on some models at the factory) - but by some stroke of luck i had another on hand. after everything was installed, the 15f ran great. it was a little slower on glass water (top loader intake grate), but in the chop i can guarentee that it will be about 2mph faster than it was before the aftermarket parts because the pump will stay loaded longer.

    I sell aftermarket parts at a decent discount, sell used jetskis and usually have a ski or 2 in my garage for repair. I am in Flemington, NJ and can order most parts that people need. I am also an AMSOIL dealer as well. I specialize in 95-03 seadoos, but can work on most anthing. I charge $40/hour because i do this on the side and do not have any certifications behind my name. If something is over my head, i always tell the customer to bring it to a dealer.

    my website still needs work, but if you want to see the parts i offer please visit:

    send me an email for a parts quote at:

    thanks for the business nick, let me know if you are in need of some more parts...

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