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    FS 2003 MSX 140 - Matrix Conversion and 2004 MSX 140 (stock) with trailer

    I'm looking to sell my skiis. One is a stock 2004 MSX 140 with 56 hours and the other is a 2003 MSX 140 Matrix conversion boat. I just did a fresh rebuild on the Matrix engine after some idiot friends towed it backwards behind a pontoon - filled the pipes and crankcase and I didn't know it for 2 weeks so the crank corroded over the winter and locked up lower rod bearing splitting the case in two. Literally only a half hour on the rebuild so it is brand new. Specs are below. I will post new pictures later but pics from last year can be seen at:

    Scroll down to my post (Smokeyburnout).

    I love these boats but will be willing to sell if the price is right. Hulls are in decent shape with scratches and dings on the upper and lower decks. All the MSX decals have been removed on the Matrix. Serious inquiries only please.

    Located in Northern Minnesota.

    2003 MSX 140 - Matrix conversion

    Engine; 1200cc Domestic
    Cylinders; Big Block 800 VES Snow
    Pistons; Stock 85 mm
    Domes; Factory Pipe 1 piece head-.043 squish; 13:1 compression
    Dome Cover; Factory Pipe
    Reeds; V-Force III
    Carburetors; 40mm Keihins
    Flame Arrestors; Polaris Racing by TaCeti
    Flame Arrestor Covers; TaCeti
    Pipes; Triples by Factory Pipe
    CDI; Matrix - altered to 8000 RPM limit
    Stator; 6 Vane, Stock
    Impeller; Skat-Trak 16-21 slightly tweaked
    Drive Shaft; stock
    Intake Grate; stock
    Wedge; 6 Degree
    Ride Plate; stock
    Floor Mats; stock
    Seat; stock
    Finger Throttle; stock
    Grips; stock
    Steering; stock
    Hood; stock
    Fuel Cap; stock
    Sponsons; stock
    Rad lightweight aluminum flywheel
    Timing bumped to 28 degrees
    Nozzel bored over 3.5 mm
    Trued and welded crank

    Fuel 5:1 91 octane and 110 race
    Oil Polaris Race
    Ratio oil injected
    GPS 69.7
    Speedo 76
    MAX RPM's 8000
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    near Toronto, Canada
    Photos of the MSX 140?

    Condition? Compression, etc...

    Would you be willing to sell the MSX 140 separately?

    Where exactly are these located?

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    Very nice Matrix build.. Did anyone notice the valved cylinders... Sure would be great to have a set of those on my Matrix..

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    The stock boat is in pretty good shape. The hull is in better shape than the Matrix as far as scratches and dings, but it has the normal wear and tear you would expect to see from a ski that is 4 years old. Not mint by any means.

    I would prefer to sell as a pair with the trailer but will entertain any serious inquiries.

    The boats are located in Roseau, MN. About 10 miles south of the Canadian border....


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    Boats are still for sale...anyone interested?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokeyburnout View Post

    The boats are located in Roseau, MN. About 10 miles south of the Canadian border....

    Roseau ? The origin of Polaris. Our Meca ?

    Are you the gentlman selling all those really clean engines on E-bay ?

    P.S. Nice craft,I wish I could.

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    Come on Keith, Buy the Matrix. You know you really want one.

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    I AM CURIOUS? What did you do to correct the port timming on the snow cylinders? thanks. Did you cut them or resleeve them?

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    What are you asking for each?

    I have not seen the price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ctek View Post
    What are you asking for each?

    I have not seen the price.
    i think around 8500.00 for the Matrix

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