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    97 gtx poor low end

    i have a 97 gtx 787 that was rebuilt from the crank up about 25 hours ago. has good compression on both cylinders. the problem i'm having with it is it has poor low end performance like closed to 3/4 throttle it's a dog really boggy. sometimes i can mash the throttle wide open from a dead stop and the rpms will barely go over 5000 and the machine will not get up on plane. when this happens if i feather the gas or let off then back wide open again it'll all of a sudden kick in and the revs will shoot up and it's fine. once you reach top end the machine runs fine it runs side by side no one really gaining with my buddy's 2002 gtx 951di. just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this. like if it's jetting too rich or too rich an oil pump setting the plugs are always really black no matter what temp it's run in. thanks

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    Were the carbs cleaned when the rebuild was done? Black plugs mean rich running conditions. Are there heavy carbon deposits between the electrode and threaded portion of the plug? Can you post pics?

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    carbs, fuel lines, fuel selector valve for openers..then rave valves

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    ya carbs were cleaned. i will start by checking the things mentioned and maybe try to lean it out with the adjuster screws to start and see if that helps. never really checked the electrodes on the plugs i will this weekend and try to take some pics. thanks guys.

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    first get rid of the grey fuel lines (if equipped) then clean out or replace the fuel selector valve, then pull the carbs and clean out the fuel filters in the carbs,and pull the raves and clean them. I wouldn't mess with the carb settings unless it's running rich if you get them leaned out too much you'll smoke the motor.

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