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    Exaust / Muffler dosnt sound right

    Hi skiers!! After putting the rear exaust back together (in the rear compartment), I get a bubbling sound from my exaust sometimes, usually at slow speeds. Sounds like a bubble or burping sounds. Ski seems to run fine, but I was just wondering if I may have put somthing back wrong or if I should have emptied the water box when I had it out, since there was water in it.


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    That bubbling sound is from the ski missfiring at random and is completely normal.It only does it at lower throttle position and goes away at WOT.

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    mine does it too. completely normal. what causes it is the water is covering the exhaust outlet when air is coming out which causes the bubbling sound. it does not happen at WOT cause there's nothing covering the exhaust outlet. i like the way it purrs!!

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