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    Minimal gains after install of parts..

    Hey guys - I finally got my 1200XLL all back together and took it out. I removed the catconv (jammed all the way down the exaust like a poatao), new Riva intake grate, pump seal kit, WaveEater clips and couplers. I was hoping to get some speed gains but I only gained about 1 mph in pretty smooth water. Cavitation is better but not completly gone with the pump kit. It would not get past 52mph on the dream-o-meter. It went 50-51 before the mods.

    Is this typical or any suggestions? Thanks

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    get a tach and gps - this is the best way to measure your results

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    Is this typical


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    The items that you installed are not "speed gaining" items. All of what you did needed to be done but are mostly "reliability" parts.

    Wave eaters- (clips) made to keep P/V from dropping and causing major engine damage. (couplers) made to take "slop" out of the OEM linkage.

    Pump plug kit- made to help cavitation.

    Intake grate- made to help "hook up". In some cases will add speed.

    And when you said you removed the cat con, you did install a d plate correct? If so, the d plate is made to replace the cat con which has a high failure rate.

    You probably need to seal the pump shoe with 4200-5200 and this will probably help with the cavitation issue that you are having. You may also want to look at the clearance between the prop and the liner.

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    Thanks for the quick feedback. I did install the Dplate correctly. The catconv was pushed through and stuffed in the exaust pipe like a potato. I though that freeing up the flow of the exaust would help with some speed. I should have put a few washers in the front of the ride plate while I was down there.

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    you should be 58 - 59 mph @ 7150 rpm stock

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    The D plate will give you lower rpm than the catcon,the grate will also scrub speed.Get a gps.

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