Ok, I have a 2004 sea doo rxp with a recently rebuilt supercharger with ceramic bearings and steel washers, 10 hours old. It ran fine for the past 2 months, then last weekend I lost a lot of acceleration, and top end. I could barely do 60 but could hold 55 constant. I thought it might be the intercooler gunked up with god knows what, so I'm taking that out to run some draino through it tonight, and putting in a water strainer. I think it is either that, or a boost leak. Any ideas? How do the metal clutch washers act when they go out? I'm changing the spark plugs as well just for good measure. What is the gap for them on a 2004 rxp?

P.S.- the supercharger was rebuilt before the ceramic washers could grenade inside the guts of the motor. The only mods on this sea doo is the rebuilt supercharger, and an intake grate and opas blockoffs.