I'm in the process of building a ported 1390 and chose to run PV's to get everything possible out of the low and mid end. I was lucky that Lowell had an extra 1200 top end in stock so we're doing a swap for my 1300 parts. This way I have had a running ski the entire time Lowell was doing his magic. Lowell wanted to hold off on fitting the PV's because he wanted to do some research to make sure the EFI could supply enough fuel to run it safely. I know he's a super buisy guy and don't want to ring his phone off the hook so I was just curious if anyone else has experimented with this setup.

More setup info:
07 Ported BB
Gas operated PV's
Heads milled for 150 comp.
3 deg key
R&D race filter
Lightweight flywheel(not sure of brand)
D-plate opened up
hull-reinforcement 305coco
1200 grate
Modded Riva plate
Riva efi
Additional intake vents in storage bucket, lid, and under fairing
stock sound suppression
sealed pump
DF repitched to 14/24
Shimmed metal tabs

I'm working with GPR114 on the project and he feels confident that we can get to 78 while still keeping it a reliable ski. One other thing...I'll be taking it to exotic for the cosmetic stuff and would like to patch up a couple nasty gouges in the hull and have it trued and refinished first. Any advice on finding a top notch guy would be appreciated. I don't mind driving a couple hundred miles if I have to. I'm in SE FL. I can't wait to post the results and pics. Thanks.