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    I have a question about the new supercharged Sea-Doo's

    If I get one and plan to keep it stock what kind of up keep maintenance and costs are involved? Also is there any word on if the N/A motors might be going up in hp? Trying to find out what to get for a second ski later and don't want to be slammed with maintenance costs.

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    Do a search here and you should be able to find detailed answers for any questions you may have.
    In short, unless you are buying an 08 ski, anything prior has ceramic SC washers which you should replace immediately. You can install them yourself, and they are around $100 (i think..maybe a little more now). If you do not plan on modding your ski then just routine maintenance is pretty cheap on these machines. Oil changes every 20 hrs or so, and again takes 10-15 minutes to do your self. Not sure if you are a salt water or fresh water ride, but with salt water, properly flushing the ski is a must. SD's 4-tec engines are awesome motors and run with little maintenance. check your plugs a few times a season, but you'll likely find they do not need replacing for quite some time. Once a year if that.
    So the up keep in terms of $$$ is pretty cheap unless you start modding the ski, and then what you spend is up to you. They is a thread about what you should check/do on a new RXP, which can pretty much be applied to all SD skiis.

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