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    Best bang for your buck XPL mods?

    Ok guys, I've read all the threads I could find on this and have a lot of great ideas, but I want to know whats the BEST first mods you can do to a SeaDoo XP limited? I already have a R&D intake grate, whats next?

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    Fist step is to sell the R&D and put back on the stock.. The R&D's scrub speed..

    Install F/A's and re-jet the carbs, then upgrade to prop to a concord 15/20.

    Seal the rideplate and intake area as well, if you can see a crack, or a mating line, seal it.. every little bit increases speed and holeshot.

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    Go to someone with an MPEM programmer. Probably your dealer.

    Set the timing correction factor to 2.

    Run stock highs, 162's. SHUT. (this is very important)

    Start at about 112's for lows.

    Stock spring and needle.

    Don't touch the highs unless you live in high altitude.

    Disable the accelerator pump.

    Use aftermarket arrestors. (tau ceti's work fine)

    Diall in your launch using the low speed adjuster screws and the idle stop.

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    Factory Pipe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Len View Post
    Factory Pipe

    hell minus whale just go with a miller 1050 right off the bat

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    I would have to do the mods and have it jetted by someone else, I'm lost when it comes to these carbs. Throw a automotive carb in front of me and I'll go to town, but these are new and I'd rather not screw anything up as I want this thing to be as reliable as possible.

    I'm taking the whole ski to a friend that knows these things pretty good to have the carbs cleaned and all the fuel lines replaced, I've sealed all seams on the ride plate.

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