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    98 xp limited

    I have 2 questions about the 1998 xpl. Mine is running out of oil and I need to refill the tank. Do I need to buy special "seadoo" brand oil or can I pick up any kind of full synthetic oil. Also I noticed in my engine there are these flaps of plastic by the air intake, kind of by the exhaust. Are they suppost to just sit on top of the engine or should they be tucked in more? Thanks.

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    I have a 96 XP800 and I use Maxima Marine Pro in it and have been for over a year with no problems. I have also noticed it doesn't carbon up the raves all that much, plus what is there is pretty easy to clean off.

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    Just stay with the Seadoo oil. I'm on my 5th Seadoo ski and have always used the Seadoo oil with not one single problem in 10 years of riding. The dealer by me sold me a case of 4 gallons for $33.00 a gallon this past week. It's not worth a few buck to take a chance. My son and I go through 6 to 8 gallons a season. We add a pint to a full fuel tank besides the oil injection.

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    I run Amsoil HP injector in my 98 xpl. $33/gallon.

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    does anyone know about those plastic flaps?

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    the flaps are there to direct any water from a failed exhaust gasket away from the air intakes and prevent a hydro-lock of the engine. They just sit there!
    I use seadoo oil (XP-S) and have done for four years with no worries.

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