Been helping my cousing with his 04 virage 800, fuel injected. Apparently someone borrowing it so its 3rd had info, he was riding it for an hour or so, then it just died. Thought it was a simple problem of a blown piston, but compression check shows about 145 psi in each cylinder. He has another ski that's identical so we swapped cdi, bought new plugs, the sensor that's on the oppisite end of air duct linkage. Fuel pressure is ok. What its doing is it will idle normal, when given gas will climb high for an instant, less then 1 second, then drop to at full throttle it will lope, never achieving enough power to get you going. The light flashes and the check engine is displayed. If they air fileter cover is off and you pour seafoam right down into it, you can run full thottle for a short time. I know this is garggled, just trying not to leave out info. Any help is greatly appreciated.